Behind The Brand

Hoopers Exclusive is a basketball brand that promotes confidence and self expression. Basketball isn’t just a game, but an art form that allows players to express themselves in unique ways on the court, and we know our clothes do the same. There's nothing plain about our designs because we know that ordinary is boring and want our clothes to promote uniqueness and be exclusive in their own right. Our clothes are for the hoopers who want to stand out while getting buckets, the hoopers that simply want to make a loud statement while playing, and the hoopers who are special on the court that deserve for their clothes to be special too. Not only do our clothes look great on the hardwood but they are great to wear off the court too. Hoopers Exclusive is the perfect mix between a basketball brand and a street-wear brand because you will look good dropping 20 on your defender's head or look good at the local function. The choice is yours.